Elite Orthopedic Team comprises a group of highly trained and skilled orthopedic surgeons with more than 25 yrs of orthopedic experience in United Kingdom with fellowships from USA, Australia, Switzerland and China. General Medical Council (GMC) which is the medical board in UK has recognized the senior surgeons in the team to work as independent specialist orthopedic consultants in the National Health Service, United Kingdom.

The senior members in  the team hold dual degrees in clinical medicine and Orthopedic engineering including expertise in the latest technology and innovations thereby allowing the patients to get the best care from the team.

The team provides an integrated, ethical and evidence based comprehensive 24 / 7 orthopedic services. Quality and not Quantity is the motto of the team. Patient centric care is the main objective. The team provides continuity in patient care and strongly believes in commitment and communication as the key to good patient outcomes.

The team encourages the patient and the family to query, question  and clarify the care provided to the patients.

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