29 Sep

Myths About Knee Replacement

Many Patients opt for knee replacement, WHY?

The most common reason to this is a promise to achieve a better lifestyle and movement.A hope of gaining a more active,pain-free lifestyle and the mythical claims sometimes lets the patients go into surgery be living the myths for their well being.

Some look at knee replacement as an ultimate solution and some look at it as something to be avoided if at all possible.

For Indian patients there is a fine line and a perceived interpretation between what’s TRUE and what’s NOT.


Here are some of the myth’s about Total knee replacement:


1)  Knee Replacement  means replacing the whole knee joint

The thought itself is scary ,it is in fact a misnomer,what really is done is a balancing the deformed tissues and a resurfacing of the degenerated articulation joint surfaces.The rest of the joint recession is the same.Lot of patients are scared of the word TKR because of the literal meaning which is actually a myth.

2) Exercise physiotherapy would severe knee pain and maintenance function with out the need for a knee replacement?

This is a myth in patients with an end stage the arthritis the exercise alone will not maximize the function.A combination of total knee replacement with targeted physical therapy will give the higher functional outcome and pain relief.

3) New technologies improve surgery outcomes

It is a myth and nothing more than a marketing gimmick.The truth is that a small incision does not improve patients perceived outcomes.

4) Advanced implant designs improve patient results

Advanced implants for ex.mobile baring knees,single radius knee or high flex knees,do not improve outcomes as per current literature.

5) Total knee replacement is painful

Its a myth.Advances in pre and post surgical pain management ensure that the patient do not feel any pain during or after the surgery.pain management is a part and parcel of total knee replacement.

6) TKR effects active life negatively

NO it does not,the fact is that it helps patients attain a better life style.Driving,walking and social activities will be much easier and comfortable. It gives you the ability to be on your own rather then being dependent on others for mobilization.

7) Knee replacement patients take long time to recover

This is also a well known concern it is nothing but a Myth..!!

Full recovery can be expected in three to six weeks with truly minimally invasive tissue sparing approaches.in fact most of my patients are ambulatory and do not an do toilet activities independently in 24 to 48 hours after the surgery.

Usually in 3 weeks the patients are able to do basic outdoor activities.

8) Knee Replacement does not lost very long

Some people say it last 10 years or less but it is a Myth.Knee replacement can last a long time,even longer then 20 years.with modern advancements in technology and techniques the knee’s work efficiently then they used to decade ago.

9) New technologies are prefect

Advances in the surgical techniques for ex.computer assisted surgery,navigation,robotics and patient specific instrumentation are some of them,The benefits remain uncertain at this time.This technologies help in implant positioning but an impact on pain and function of the knee has not been proven yet.

Well in a jist computers and robots are controlled by the same surgeon who perform the surgery,needless to say robot will do what it is commend to (food for thought).

To know the truth about the knee replacement the surest way is to talk to professional surgeons who can bust the Myths that have been hunting in short don’t get carried away with the new punch lines every now an then in the industry.

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